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April 30, 2010
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April 30, 2010

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2010 VSF Schools  Cummer Valley Mid. School, Toronto ON
 Simons Valley School, Calgary AB
 Arbutus Middle School, Victoria BC
 Ecole Dugald School, Dugald MB
 Ovidius High School, Constanta Romani
 Selwyn House School, Westmount QC
 Spring Educational Centre, Richmond BC
 St. Elizabeth Seton, Burlington ON
 Northern Secondary School, Toronto ON
 Camilla Road School, Mississauga ON
 Clavet Composite School, Clavet SK
 Newtonbrook Sec. School, North York ON
 St. Alexander, Fonthill ON
 Fisher Park Public School, Ottawa ON
 Marc Garneau Col. Inst., Toronto ON
 Dundonald School, Saskatoon SK
 Appleby College, Oakville ON
 Spruce Ridge School, Estevan SK
 Sherwood Heights, Mississauga ON
 Avonlea School, Avonlea SK
 LIFE School,Panajachel Guatemala
 Kings Christian Collegiate, Oakville ON
 Mentor College, Mississauga ON

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Special Awards Transportation Award Details  Students are encouraged to explore issues such as transportation challenges in Canada's north, energy efficient transportation, efficient passenger and freight movements, and/or accessible transportation for persons with mobility challenges.

Sponsors of the Canada Wide Virtual Science Fair

All Projects 2002 - 2009* All Winning Projects 2002 - 2009*
All 2009 Projects and Awards
All 2008 Projects and Awards
All 2007 Projects and Awards
All 2006 Projects and Awards
All 2005 Projects and Awards*
All 2004 Projects and Awards*
All 2003 Projects and Awards*
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*Some older projects may not display properly due to later server restrictions. Selected 2008 Projects 2008 Grades 10 - 12 •Ethanol Based Jatropha Biodiesel
Passionate Passivity
Hot & Spicy
A Language Recognition Program
Fini les déchets estrogèniques
Ice: A Slippery Topic
Peeling Away Problems 2
The Effects of Humanoid Avatar Gaze
Energy From Phase Shift in Water
Earthquake - the unseen vibrations
On Your Marks, Get Set, Remove?
Pascal like triangles and Josephus
Semi Trailer Major Drag
Biofixation of CO2 Using Algae
Renewable Power is the Future

Selected 2007 Projects 2007 Grades 10 - 12
Monocularized Binoculars
River Pollutants Effects
Too Much Texting?
Pascal like triangles
Toxicity of NDGA Corn Ash
Increasing Combustibility of Ethanol
An Application of Ultrasound
A Hole In a Wing
Eat Dirt and Live Longer
L'effet de l'estrogène
Underdog Superstar
Missing Link for Atherosclerosis
Prime Time
Distributed Robotics
Finding f(x) with Genetic Algorithms
Forget Me Not
Mass of an Electron
Improving Goaltending
Reinforcing Cellulose Acetate
Safe, Clean, Nuclear Power
The Power of Virtual Physics
Teeth Whitening
Synthesis of Ethanol from Cellulose
Oil Extraction
The Effects of Changes in pH Blood
The Truth About Eye Problems
Solar Powered AerialVehicle
Analysis of Chemicals in Chopsticks
WWDD: What Would DaVinci Do?
Ethanol: Fuel for the Future
Delivery System for Pesticides
A Peculiar Solution
Uses of Ethanol as a Fuel
Earthquake-Proof Skyscrapers
Trash is Trash No More!
Polyvinyl Chloride BioPlasticizers II
Green Transportation and Energy
Torque vs. Current
Break It Down, Power It Up
To Burn or Not to Burn
Organic Agriculture

2007 Grades 7 - 9
Canada in Space
Polyacrilics and Plexiglass
Star Light, Star Bright
Dans un océan de bactéries
Can You Keep That Noise Down?
Do You Measure Up?
Peeling Away Problems
Object Recognition
Gas Production, Waste Reduction
Ethanol: Answer, or Question?
Prime Design
ACL Replacement
Black Holes
The Chances of Guessing Correctly
The Genius of Genes
DNA Replication and Repair
Renewable Energy - Ethanol
The Reactor That CANDU Anything
Backpacks: A Pain in the Back
He Shoots, He Scores
Ocean Biology
Ions or Chlorine: That is the question.
The Power Of H2O
Is Solar Heating Worth It?
Extra Terrestrial Life
The Life and Times of Phil, the Star
Biodiesel : Our Gas to the Future
The Battery
Nuclear Energy, The Next Main Fuel?
Solar Powered Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Dark Matter
The Pacemaker
Cardiac Arrest
Global Warming
Ethanol: The World's Future?
Heart Valve Replacement
Acids vs Bases
The Toothpaste Test
The Functions of Wind Tunnels
Can't Stop the Signal
"Say Again"

2007 Grades 4 - 6
Ethanol - Making Peace With Nature
Magnetic Levitating Train
The Process of Bread and Mold
Meeting the One-Tonne Challenge
The Link between Wind & Power
Invisible Ruler
What's Cooking with Solar Energy?
Heat in a Solar Oven
Can Animals Predict Natural Disasters?
Different Chemicals on Different Fabrics
LEDs, Incandescent, Fluorescent
Plants: Is Water the Answer?
Ice Melters
Collingwood Rocks
Carpet Stain Removers
Mouth Temperature vs. Gum Types
How safe is our water?
Battery Power
Science Behind the Radio
Vehicles Affect the Properties of Snow
Paper Towel Power
Experimenting with Rockets

2007 Grades K - 3
Sage Grouse
Animals Near and Far
Yummy for the Tummy Dog Treats
Free Range Hens: Stronger Eggs?
The Maglev Train
Electricity and Heat from Solar Energy

Special Awards Ethanol Awards 2008- Details
 Energy | Environment
 Algae Ethanol - The Bug Power
 Ethanol: from crops to cars
 Ethanol Based Jatropha Biodiesel
 Ethanol: The Ideal Fuel?
 The Answer is Ethanol

Transport Canada Awards 2008- Details
 Electric Bike
 Street Sponges
 Which Motor Oil?
 Harvesting Our Nature's Gas Station
 Energy | Environment
 Ice: A Slippery Topic
 Semi Trailer Major Drag

Ethanol Awards 2007- Details
 Ethanol-Making Peace With Nature
 Ethanol: Answer, or Question?
 Increasing Combustibility of Ethanol

Transport Canada Awards 2007- Details
 The Maglev Train
 Magnetic Levitating Train
 Meeting the One-Tonne Challenge
 Say Again
 A Hole In a Wing
 Solar Aerial Research Vehicle

Green Issues Projects River Pollutants Effect on River Bacteria
Increasing the Combustibility of Ethanol
Underdog Superstar
Reinforcing Cellulose Acetate

Safe, Clean, Nuclear Power
Synthesis of Ethanol from Cellulose
Solar Powered AerialVehicle
Ethanol: Fuel for the Future
Trash is Trash No More!
Polyvinyl Chloride BioPlasticizers II
Green Transportation and Energy
Break It Down, Power It Up
To Burn or Not to Burn
Organic Agriculture
Delivery System for Pesticides
Can You Keep That Noise Down?
Peeling Away Problems
Gas Production, Waste Reduction
Ethanol: Answer, or Question?
Renewable Energy - Ethanol
The Reactor That CANDU Anything
Ocean Biology
The Power Of H2O
Is Solar Heating Worth It?
Biodiesel : Our Gas to the Future
Nuclear Energy, The Next Main Fuel?
Solar Powered Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Global Warming
Ethanol: The World's Future?
Ethanol - Making Peace With Nature
Meeting the One-Tonne Challenge
The Link between Wind & Power
What's Cooking with Solar Energy?
Heat in a Solar Oven
Aliens Among Us
Salt Stress
Managing Greenhouse Gas Exchange
Poly(vinyl chloride) Bioplasticizers
Ozone Levels Over Different Locations
The Nerdy Tree
Pollution Prevention at School
Oil Spills In Motion
Is BC's Coastline at Risk from Oil Spills
Potty Training Cruise Ships
Global Warming: Arctic's Shrinking Ice Cap
Shrinking Ice Caps and Glaciers
Cruise Ships Polluting the Ocean
Gone With The Wind
Decreasing Urban Heat Islands
Solar Energy
Acid! The Plant Killer?

Selected 2006 Projects 2006 Grades 10 - 12
The Power of Computer Graphics!
Aliens Among Us
Flow Simulation of L-Coronary Artery Bifurcation
The Best Detergent for Plentiful DNA Extraction
Salt Stress Induced Phytohormone Interactions
Biefield-Brown Lifters
Fire resistant paint
Managing Greenhouse Gas Exchange in a Constructed Wetland Model 2
Engineering a Cure for Diabetes
The Genetic Transformation of E. coli
Poly(vinyl chloride) Bioplasticizers
Exploration Through Human-Robotic Interface
A Dynamic Analog Concurrently-Processed Adaptive Chip
Table Tennis: The Ideal Player
Ozone Levels Over Different Locations: A Study With OSIRIS Data

2006 Grades 7 - 9
Email: Inside and Out
Yellowstone : The Hot Spot
Juice C'prise
The Nerdy Tree
Blood in our Body
The Effects of Antioxidants and Free Radicals on Seed Germination
One Shade Too Dark
Shakeless Structures: Designing an Earthquake Resistant Building
.:Super Cool:.
Mathematical Inclination and Recreation Part 2

2006 Grades 4 - 6
New Era : New Planes
Solar Flares -- How Are They Harmful?
How Does an Elevator Work
Which Liquids Evaporate Fastest?
La vue aerienne
Bread Mold
Pollution Prevention at School
Discovery of The Human Eye
Fast And Furious - Off To The Races
Does Meditation, Exercise, or Sugar Improve Short-Term Memory?
Red Ants
Armpit Odor
Airplanes: a wonder of the world
The Five Human Senses
Hurricane Madness!
Chief Birding Sites in Victoria, B.C.
Oil Spills In Motion
Salty Zap
Skin Cancer
DNA Isolation
Sugar Sticks
Is BC's Coastline at Risk from Oil Spills
Great Basin Spadefoot Toad
Potty Training Cruise Ships
The Marbled Murrelet
Pesticides in Our Drinking Water
Painted Turtle
Global Warming: Arctic's Shrinking Ice Cap
Salmon Farming
Shrinking Ice Caps and Glaciers
Dolphin Bycatch: Is a Dolphin in Your Fishing Net?
Cruise Ships Polluting the Ocean
Disappearing Salmon

2006 Grades K - 3
Swift Fox
Photosynthesis and How Plants Grow
The Highs and Lows of Air Pressure
Saskatchewan: Diamond Capital of the World?
Water Water Everywhere But Is It Fit To Drink?
Snow, Sun and Sky in Saskatoon


2004 Grades 10 - 12
Superstrings: Undoing the Knot of Physics
Alternate Forms of Energy
Bioluminesence of Armillaria mellea
DNA Database to Defeat Cancer
Whispering Woods
Inhibiting The Cyclooxygenase-2 Enzyme In Cancer
Hardwood versus Softwood
Do You Know What Your Kids Are Eating?
The Effects of Mitomycin on Stem Cells
Capek 1
Eagle in a Rack: Real-Time Object Tracking
Directed Evolution of Hydrocarbon Degrading Enzyme
Combating Cancer: The Search for Synergy
The Hidden Power of Red Light
Effects of Essential Elements on Bioremediation
Mécanisme de propulsion pour sous-marin
Plant Exothermic Reactions
Holy Smokes!
Computer Security and Vulnerabilities of the WWW
Fusion - Energy of the Future
Outdoor Cooking Physics
Defying Age with Botox
Tomato Regenerated
X-Rays, CAT Scans, and MRIs
Snowflakes Without Water
The Future of Robotic Warfare
Blueberries: The Elixer of Healthy Aging
Effects of Immunosuppressants on Neural Stem Cells
Aircraft Technology
The Big Bang: The Mother of All Explosions
Are You Going to Drink That?
Les Mystères des Pyramides
Forensics Science
The Propagation of Soundwaves
Le Kevlar
Les ondes radio et radio de diode de Germanium
Genetic Engineering
The Benefits of Chinese Food
Seeing Green
Synapse formation and Influencing Factors
L'ADN et comment extraire l'ADN
Les sept principes de base des biomechaniques
Effets des herbicides sur le sol et les plantes
L'avenir clandestin de l'eclair
Ideal Light for Plants

2004 Grades 7 - 9
Watts up with Torque!
Gut Reactions
Development of an Embedded 3D Robot Visual System
Study of Tropospheric Ozone using OSIRIS and TOMS
Choose Them And Lose Them
Recyclage du Chauffage
Invisible Cryptography - A Medical Application
Information Teleportation & Time Travel
Third World Refrigeration Method
Nuclear Power
The EffAuto Body Plastic Filler
Balancing Beams
-[ Artificial Neural Networks ]-
Gas-so-lean boat
"Flush" Away Those Symptoms
The Effects of Continental Glaciation-St. Walburg
Waste Washers: The Removal of E.coli k12 from Water
The Hydrogen Fuel Cell
The Effects of pH and Pollutants on Brine Shrimp
Plastique Biodégradable
Osteoporosis; The Silent Thief
Fruits Naturellement Frais
La chitine, un agent anti-bactérien?
Turbo Swiffer
Recyclons l`eau grise
Going Undercover!
Vitamin C
Flying Trains
Which cleaning products kill the most bacteria?
Prion Protien - The Cause of TSEs
Rotting the Stems
Pass Completion or Interception II Pump it Up!
Just Rollin' Along
Deep Space

2004 Grades 4 - 6
The Secrets of Life
The Effect of Microwave Cooking on Vegetables
Dietary Fat - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Stressed Out Structures
Turtles and Tortoises
Constellations and Solar System
Stars and What They Turn Into
Fungi for the Fun Guy! - Yeast and Alcohol Product
Overpopulation vs. Overconsumption
Neuroscience: Brains and Neurons
Stars Birth Life and Death

2004 Grades K - 3
Pollution Solutions!
Beautiful Butterflies
Hot Diggity Dog!
Possible Pumpkins
Growing All Year Long

2005 Grades 10 - 12
Robotic Vision Gait Coordination
The Science of Tennis
Quantum Magnetism
The Toxicity of Amalgam Fillings
Bean Beacons
Phytoremediation (Use FireFox)
Effect of Guanosine on a-Synuclein in a Parkinson' Disease Model
Managing Greenhouse Gas Exchange in a Constructed Wetland Model
Des siARN pour réguler l’expression de a2 Na+
Weapons of Targeted Destruction: Using Viruses to Kill Cancer
Gone With The Wind
VORTECS 3D-VLSI Object Recognition Trainable Embedded CMOS System
Detection of Mutations in Human Chromosome 8
The Physics of Car Safety
Light's Effect on an Autotrophic Life Form
Separating the Chaff From the Wheat
Mating Type of Leptosphaeria maculans
The Butterfly Affected
Weather Anomalies and Natural Disasters
Automotive Seat Design
A World With Hydroponics
A Deadly Mix: Grapefruit Juice and Anti-Cholesterol
Can an Apple a Day Keep the Neurologist Away?
Making a Magic Herb Against SARS
Oil Industry
Electromagnetic Linear Accelerator

2005 Grades 7 - 9
The Brain: A World of it's Own
The Coughing Truth
The Awe of Nebulae
Amphibious Cars
Computer Security Landing
la Filtration des eaux usées
Decreasing Urban Heat Islands
Salt Tolerance -----Will Biotechnology Help?
Structures, Strengths and Stresses
What's Good for Moulds?
Solar Energy: A Practical Alternative to Fossil Fuels
Acid! The Plant Killer?
Oxygen, The Key to Life
Dr. T's H.E.P. Freeze
Mysteries of Color
Shampoo: The Wow Factor
Natural Disasters

2005 Grades 4 - 6
Komodo Dragons
Lung Cancer
Color Blindness
Lenses and Vision
The Synchrotron
Oh Ozone
To Clean or Not to Clean
Air Pressure
Do You Hear Voices?

2005 Grades K - 3
Ord's Kangaroo Rat
Smartie Pants
Cheese Fractures
Print Those Fingers
Formula Fuelers
Are Plants Thirsty?
Lemon Battery
Swirling Milk
Growing Plants with Milk

2003 Grades 10 - 12
The Missing Piece of the Puzzle
La Guerre des Désinfectants
Urban Rapid Transit Networks
Black Holes
A Universe in a Jar
Fats that Kill Cancer
La solution par l’évaporation
The Simple Science of Flight
Jonny Five
Nuclear Energy
Sports Drinks and Reaction Time
Fire, Soil & CO2
Moon Struck: The Sequel
A Study in Colour
La Pile Maison
La Réfraction
Transposon Tn5398
PAX 3 Protein
Radiosensitivity of Glial Cells
Way the Chimney Crumbles
Genetically Modified Organisms
Hair Today Gone Tomorrow
Tourette Syndrome
Traditional Chinease Medicine
Vortexes of Fire
A Potential Bio-Insecticide
Macrophage Stimulation
XYY- Super Male Syndrome
Nice Rice
Ion Channel Proteins
Artificial Intelligence

2003 Grades 7 - 9
Cleanse & Conquer
Alternative Energy Sources
Fuel Cells
Stinky Hockey Bags
Higher Fire
The Petroleum Industry
Limits of Steganography
Energy Remix
Trimethylxanthine Degradation
Torque it up
The Science of Deserts
Light and Colours
Alternative Energy
Hydrogen Cars
De la teinture et du bois
Telepresence Robotics
Aloe Barbadensis Miller
Un Souffle de Vent
Get a Grip
Climate Change
Effect of Wasabia Japonica
Le Yogourt du Millénaire
La Croissance des plantes
Ruban Pointu
Sound ou Sauf
La Memoire A' Court Terme
Better Browsing
Sugar to Alcohol
Heads and Tails
Friend or Foe
Effects of Salicylic Acid
Les dentifrices blanchissants
Stick Your Tongue Out
Utilizing Epithelial Cells
Swing Science
Quel détergent?
Mobile Phone Radiation
Aqueous Solar Photo Catalysis

2003 Grades 4 - 6
Erosion Explosion
Erosion Explosion!
Biodegradable Cups
Anti-Bacterial Soap
Automatic Irrigation
Powerful Produce
Ferry Motors
Saskatchewan's Oil

2003 Grades K - 3
Terrific Tadpoles
Natural Reflectors
Piping Power
Burrowing Owls
Lockheed Martin Canada ISM Canada - an experienced Information Technology partner for your complex strategic outsourcing requirements. SaskTel The Chemical Institute of Canada is an umbrella organization for three Constituent Societies: the Canadian Society for Chemistry, the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering and the Canadian Society for Chemical Technology. The purpose of the Institute is to promote common scientific and technical interests of the Constituent Societies and to provide  services to all its members. La mission de Transports Canada consiste à établir et administrer des politiques, des règlements et des services pour le meilleur réseau de transport pour le Canada et les Canadiens - un réseau sécuritaire, efficace, abordable, intégré et écologique.   Transport Canada's mission is to develop and administer policies, regulations and services for the best transportation system for Canada and Canadians — one that is safe and secure, efficient, affordable, integrated and environmentally friendly. Enterprise Saskatchewan will be the focal point for establishing broad partnerships involving all levels of government, industry, labour, Aboriginal people, post secondary institutions, and other stakeholders dedicated to the goal of sustained economic growth.  Enterprise Saskatchewan and the collective partnerships will advance provincial economic development goals, strategies, and clear measurable targets for economic performance. Suncor Energy Inc. is a growing integrated energy company, strategically focused on developing one of the world’s largest petroleum resource basins – Canada’s Athabasca oil sands. The Faculty of Science University of Regina Primary Fluid Systems Inc. Canada's leading supplier of metering pump accessories.